REAL season 09 UnReal is a situational comedy, mockumentary narrative series. Each short episode takes the viewer behind the scenes of a live to air factual historical television program “Real Historical Events From the Past’.

Executive Producer: Angie Black
Associate Producer: Noel Maloney
Line Producer: Amelia Latham

Featuring: Lucy Rees, Walter Dyson, Emily Jones and Bethany Tweedale.

UnReal Trial UnReal S09Ep02 UnReal S09Ep03UnReal S09Ep04 UnReal S09E05 UnReal S09Ep06

Series Synopsis

UnReal is a mockumentary series about an eclectic group of people attempting to drag a historical television program, Real Historical Events from the Past, out of the depths of bad ratings and scandal. An offer from a broadcaster to take on the show hangs in the balance, due to audience-favoured host, Fred Fried, being fired due to inappropriate conduct. The offer stands if the show can maintain ratings.

The four-person crew is made up of Alex Shambles, the Producer with a gambling addiction who is drowning in debt and desperate for the shows’ success to bring her fortune. Lisa Linney, the uptight Technical Director with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a love for history and dreams of one day being the presenter. Orlando Crowe, the well to do Intern with famous parents is just trying to make a name for himself. Planted by the broadcasters to track the progress of the show, Orlando is tasked with keeping everyone on track. And finally, Kylie Cox, the kooky new Presenter, a high school history teacher with no television or presenting experience and a tendency to stutter when under pressure, however holds an intense passion for history and educating others.

Alex, Lisa and Orlando are scrambling to hold up the once popular show and salvage their relationship and offer from the broadcaster to finally make the big leagues. And so, Kylie is thrust in front of the camera as a last effort to save the show. Will this ragtag team of individuals, each with their own problems, succeed in boosting ratings? Possibly not. But they are going to try anyway.