The short films featured below are a selection of narrative or documentary films from La Trobe University screen production subjects.

These highlighted films have screened at festivals, have been involved in launching careers or are just one’s that we dig.

Circus Runaways Still DOCO DesiredPaths2 DrivingInMelb2
Nightfillers2 Apple DANGERAHEADSTILL LILASTILL SUND'YSTILL SUBTITLEDSTILL Naz Blackbird GirlsWhoFightinplainsight Undead Dinnerwithadick Notnearus Neighbourhoodsuperheroes FromTheAshesStill2 The Man With One Leg Still2 DerbyWives Cookingwithheadlice Gosia lovelylittlethings MelbournewakesupStreetheart PawsforEffect Hooked
Imakecoffee Thecatspass Onelastdayamanda OutofMind FatheroffitzroyThebeggarman